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AMERICAN DENKI’s main products are twist locking wiring devices.
If you put the plug in the receptacle and turn it to the right, it locks and becomes impossible to pull out. Therefore you can use the plug safely without feeling worried about it falling out of the receptacle.

We have been manufacturing and selling in Japan as a pioneer of this field for about 80 years. Now we are dealing with about 30 or more kinds of rated twist locking devises, corresponding to each standard (including JIS or NEMA) of 2-4 poles or 15-100 amp and IP65 waterproof performance.
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Dec/21/2016Receptacle and Panel Receptacle 15A Locking for Straight Blade Type
The new twist locking connector body colored red & blue, rated at NEMA L5-20, L5-30, L6-20, L6-30. Available to be color-coded according to power circuit.
Jun/12/2017Receptacle and Panel Receptacle 15A Locking for Straight Blade Type
The new outlet cover to shield a vacant outlet and prevent any foreign matter from getting inside. Plain cap and attached label with “Do not use” written in Japanese.
May/30/2017Waterproof Plug
The new space-saving and mountable vertically rack mount power distribution unit colored red & blue, having 12 outlets of clamp locking type or 6 outlets of IEC C-13.
May/8/2017Waterproof Plug
The new twist locking type 60A connector body. Achieve the reduction in weight and contribute the extension product life and cost down by strengthening of housing.
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